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Cotton production on a massive scale has forced the use of substances that increase and maximize the profitability of such plantations. In a world where quantity and the final financial outcome are given priority, people come up with methods that aim at reducing losses. This is why artificial fertilizers are used in combination with huge amounts of artificial dyes and other substances that yield immediate results - large quantities of cheap low-quality products. The use of a ton of chemical substances that facilitated the production of cotton lead to the degradation of the natural environment, as well as an epidemic of skin allergies. More than half of us struggle with the problem of sensitive skin. Having the abovementioned information in mind, our products have been manufactured using only ecological cotton originating from ecological plantations. We have selected organic cotton that has certificates confirming its composition and origin. - natural fibers constitute 95% of the material (97% cotton, 3% elastane) - natural fibers coming from ecological plantations - proper water management is applied at the plantations - the production of cotton is carried out with respect to the human being as well as the natural environment. This means that the ecological cotton we use: - is healthy and user and environment friendly - is free from harmful chemical substances that pose a risk to human health - NO prohibited nitrogen dyes are applied during production - is completely safe for children's skin | We want our products to be ecological - completely safe for your skin and the environment.

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